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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Broadcom Software and get the answers to your questions about our portfolio of infrastructure and security software below.


Why did Broadcom form a group focused on software?

Broadcom recognizes the need for multinational companies to have a trusted software partner with a comprehensive portfolio that helps them securely build and manage their hybrid cloud at scale. Broadcom is building one of the world’s leading enterprise software portfolios that modernizes, optimizes, and protects the world’s most complex IT environments.

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What makes up the Broadcom Software portfolio?

The Broadcom Software portfolio is deep including market-leading solutions in Infrastructure and Security. Specifically, the portfolio includes AIOps, Cyber Security, Value Stream Management, DevOps, Mainframe, and Payment Security. You’ll recognize leading products from our CA Technologies such as Clarity and Rally, and from the Symantec portfolio, such as Web Protection, Endpoint Security, Network, and Information Security.

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What industries does Broadcom Software support?

We are a trusted partner to 10 out of the 10 largest global leaders across major industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities

Why should I choose Broadcom Software?

Unlike other software vendors, only Broadcom Software offers leading business-critical software for cyber security, infrastructure software, mainframe, and payment security via a simplified flexible business model designed to scale and meet business-critical enterprise needs.

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How do I contact Broadcom Software?

Just click here and fill out the contact form to contact Broadcom Software anytime.

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