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Operational Efficiency

Improve Operational Efficiency with Broadcom Software

It takes only seconds for a breach to expose your business and several hours to resolve performance issues impacting customer experience and IT resources. Broadcom Software, a leader in security and infrastructure software, can help you transform your IT Ops Teams from a cost center into a value delivery engine.

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With the rising complexity of IT environments, siloed teams, and a deluge of data, IT teams need to connect information to gain critical insights required to speed resolution, mitigate issues, and improve operational costs. At Broadcom Software, we are helping customers embrace open tools, machine learning, and comprehensive observability to focus key IT resources and create new opportunities that drive the business forward.

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Optimize Efficiency Eliminate alarm noise so teams can focus on key efforts like optimizing resource utilization. Reduce manual efforts involved in finding and fixing performance, availability, and network security issues quickly.
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Ensure Service Reliability Establish full-stack observability to gain critical insights needed to improve customer experience and deliver highly reliable services. Gain intelligent recommendations and automate remediation to create resilient environments.
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Enhance Productivity Predict capacity, performance issues, and contextualize threats that impact the business using machine learning. Institute a single source of truth that enables and enhances collaboration across disparate teams.
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Reduce Risk Correlate and contextualize threat data to deliver rich, actionable insights. Prevent, harden, detect, and respond to emerging threats across users- from software to hardware.
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Broadcom and Fujitsu in Central Europe have been technology partners for more than 20 years. Fujitsu has been able to realize increased operational efficiencies, including reducing alarm noise by 70%, by improving monitoring processes, monitoring scale, and network configuration management practice.

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Using Broadcom Software solutions, Tieto's IT teams can prevent costly downtime and remediate problems faster when they do occur by taking advantage of advanced analytics, embedded intelligence, and modernized user interfaces designed for better collaboration.

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SGN’s strategic Symantec partnership ensures this UK utility enhances security, reduces complexity, improves visibility, and stays ahead of ever-changing cyber security challenges while also embracing the cloud. With Broadcom Software Solutions, their security teams gain visibility of their environment and user behavior allowing them to make informed decisions about what controls need to be.

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